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Northern Virginia Lions Youth Camp, Inc.
The Northern Virginia Lions Youth Camp, Inc. is chartered as a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
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Mission and Objectives
The mission of the Northern Virginia Lions Youth Camp, Inc. is: To provide camping facilities to any youth group accompanied by adult leaders and supervisors.
The objectives of the Northern Virginia Lions Youth Camp, Inc. are:
1. To provide a well-established, safe camping option for scouts, youth groups, and others to use within easy driving distance of Lions in Virginia.
2. To encourage healthy, positive, low-cost activities for youth in our Virginia community.
3. To create a camp environment that can be used for environmental education for use by youth and programs that wish to explore nature.
4. To limit development of the camp’s land and to conserve the natural resources within our Shenandoah River watershed
Northern Virginia Lions Youth Camp Mailing address:7623 Virginia Ave, Falls Church VA 22043 2302 This website is provided to the Lions of Virginia District 24-L. It is the work of the NVLYC webmaster. Copyright 1997
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